Conference Dinner at the Knights’ Halls in Old Acre (Akko)
Wednesday, February  28, 2018
Price: US$75 per person

Go back in time at the ECFG Conference Dinner, and take part in a Crusader’s feast, featuring a Crusader’s Style dinner and entertainment. The dinner will be held at the Crusader structures called the Knights’ Halls or the Citadel of Acre, originally served as the Knights Hospitaller Compound. They extend over an area of c. 8,300 square meters.  These halls reveal an extraordinary Templar tunnel joined by intriguing museums and fascinating archeological findings. This colorful authentic setting tells the story of the day-to-day life and the historical events of the Crusades era.

Acre (Akko)
is located north of Haifa on the Mediterranean coast.
Acre is a city that has been shaped by the Romans, Ottomans, Crusaders, Mamelukes, Byzantines, and British, and fittingly is today home to a brilliantly coexistent mixed population of Jews, Christians and Muslims and is also home to part of the Bahai World Center (the other part being in Haifa).

The Old City of Acre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in recognition of the remains of the Crusader town both above and below street level and because the city is one of a very few Ottoman walled towns with citadels, mosques, khans and baths, which have been preserved.
In Acre, these sites were built on top of the ruins of the Crusader structures. Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and Marco Polo are mentioned as some of the giants in history that visited this ancient sea-port city. Napoleon Bonaparte tried to conquer it, but retreated after two months of siege and failed attempts to storm the city’s walls. 

The city today is a meeting place for East and West, new and old, beauty and ruins, and offers a variety of sites, such as the colorful shuk, authentic restaurants, boat rides and a variety of cultural events, which make Acre a bustling city and a unique place to visit.