(Updated: December 1, 2017)

Transportation between the Conference hotels, sessions and events will be provided. The transportation table will be available closer to the Conference date

Sunday, February 25, 2018
Churchill auditorium and lobby, main campus, Technion

09:00-18:00         Satellite workshops  (Technion – main campus)

16:00-19:30         Registration desk open 

18:00-19:30         Welcome reception

19:30-20:00        Conference Opening 
                            Representative of Haifa Municipality
                            Representative of  the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
                            Prof. Yehuda Assaraf, Dean, Faculty of Biology, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
                            Prof. Marc-Henri Lebrun, President of ECFG Foundation
                            Prof. Benjamin A. Horwitz, Co-chair, ECFG14

20:00-20:45         Keynote lecture: Arturo Casadevall (Johns Hopkins, USA) – Thoughts on the origin of fungal virulence


Monday February 26, 2018
Ruth Auditorium, Technion Faculty of Medicine

08:00-18:00         Registration desk open

08:45-09:30         Keynote Lecture: Judith Berman (Tel Aviv University, Israel)

09:30-12:30         Plenary Session 1: Development and cell biology
                            Chairs: Stefanie Pöggeler and Han Wösten
09:30-10:00         Philippe Silar (Université Paris Diderot, France) – The Crippled Growth epigenetic cell degeneration of Podospora anserina,
                            an overview
10:00-10:30        André Fleissner (Technische Universitaet Braunschweig, Germany) – Fungal dialogs: intra- and interspecies communication in
                            filamentous fungi
10:30-11:00         Meritxell Riquelme (CICESE, Mexico) – The secretory pathway of cell wall building enzymes in Neurospora crassa hyphae

11:00-11:30         Coffee break

11:30-12:00         Jin-Rong Xu (Purdue University, USA) – A-to-I RNA editing during sexual reproduction in filamentous ascomycetes
12:00-12:30         Alexandra Brand (University of Aberdeen, UK) – Elucidating three pathways that contribute to directional growth regulation in
                            Candida albicans hyphae

12:30-15:30         L u n c h
                            Poster Session 1

15:30-18:30         Concurrent Sessions (each: 3 speakers – coffee break – 3 speakers)

                             CS1: Development and cell biology
                            Chairs: Miguel Peñalva and Oded Yarden

                            CS2: Symbiosis & endophytes
                            Chairs: Carolyn Young and Amir Sharon    

                            CS3: Physiology and metabolism
                            Chairs: Richard Wilson and Dov Prusky

                           CS4: Applied and industrial mycology
                           Chairs: Taina Lundell and Yitzhak Hadar


Tuesday February 27, 2018
Ruth Auditorium, Technion Faculty of Medicine

08:45-09:30         Keynote Lecture: Sophien Kamoun (The Sainsbury Laboratory, UK)

09:30-12:30         Plenary Session 2: Fungal-host interactions
                            Chairs: Regine Kahmann and Anita Sil   
09:30-10:00         Neil Gow (University of Aberdeen, UK) – Use of antibodies from single human B cells and C-type-lectin probes to map the
                            dynamic cell surface of fungal pathogens
10:00-10:30         Alga Zuccaro (University of Cologne, Germany) – Effector-mediated suppression of extracellular ATP-triggered immunity by the
                            root endophyte Serendipita indica
10:30-11:00         Antonio Di Pietro (Universidad de Córdoba, Spain) – Host adaptation in the cross-kingdom pathogen Fusarium oxysporum

11:00-11:30         Coffee break

11:30-12:00         Chengshu Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China) – Genetics and molecular biology of fungus-insect interactions
12:00-12:30         Amir Sharon (Tel Aviv University, Israel) – Is fungal A-PCD the Achilles heel of plant and human

12:30-15:30         L u n c h
                            Poster Session 2

15:30-18:30        Concurrent Sessions (each: 3 speakers – coffee break – 3 speakers)

                            CS5: Fungal-human interactions
                            Chairs: Christophe d’Enfert  and Ronen Ben-Ami                          

                            CS6: Fungi in the environment
                           Chairs: Petr Baldrian and Nina Gunde-Cimerman                            

                            CS7: Plant-fungal interactions
                            Chairs: Bart Thomma and Maggie Levy

                           CS8: Genomes, chromosomes & epigenetics
                           Chairs: Michael Freitag and Shay Covo


Wednesday February 28, 2018
Ruth Auditorium, Technion Faculty of Medicine

08:45-09:30         Keynote Lecture: Hanna Johannesson (Uppsala University, Sweden)

09:30-11:00         Plenary Session 3: Evolution and molecular ecology
                            Chairs: Luis Corrochano and Francis Martin
09:30-10:00         Eva Stukenbrock (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Germany) – The role of histone-methyltransferases KMT1 and
                            KMT6 in genome stability and chromatin organization in the wheat pathogen Zymoseptoria tritici
10:00-10:30         Laszlo Nagy (BRC-HAS, Hungary) – Complex multicellularity in fungi: the genetic underpinnings of convergent origins
10:30-11:00         Toni Gabaldón (CRG, Spain) – Recent evolution of the opportunistic human pathogen Candida glabrata

11:00-11:30         Coffee break

11:30-12:00         Li-Jun Ma (UMass Amherst, USA) – Genome evolution and functional adaptation of the species complex Fusarium oxysporum
12:00-12:30         Stephen Mondo (DOE Joint Genome Institute , USA) – Widespread adenine N6-methylation of active genes in fungi

12:30-15:30         L u n c h
                            Poster Session 3

15:30-18:30         Concurrent Sessions (each: 3 speakers – coffee break – 3 speakers) 

                             CS9: Evolution & taxonomy
                             Chairs: Bruce McDonald and Ursula Kües

                              CS10: Cell regulation & signaling
                             Chairs: Alfredo Herrera-Estrella and Benjamin A. Horwitz                               

                             CS11: Synthetic biology and secondary metabolites
                             Chairs: Luis Larrondo and Axel Brakhage

                             CS12: Antifungals and fungicides
                             Chairs: Sabine Fillinger and Nir Osherov

18:30                    Poster prizes, closing remarks, next meeting announcement

19:30                    Conference dinner/Farewell event (optional)