Travel to/from Israel
Ben-Gurion International Airport is Israel’s main international airport and is connected to all major world capitals and big cities by direct flights (3-5 h from Europe, 10-12 h from Americas and Far East).

Transportation to/from Ben-Gurion International Airport
Ben-Gurion International Airport is located at a distance of 100km / 62.5 miles from Haifa. Travel time by train is 1h 15min and by car approx. 1h 30min, depending on traffic. Please review the following Transportation options:

1. Pre-reserved arrival airport transfers operated by Diesenhaus-Unitours
This is a shared direct transfer service from the airport to your hotel in Haifa, offered to conference participants. Possible wait – up to 1 hour for arrival transfers.  A Diesenhaus Unitours representative will meet you upon arrival inside the Arrivals Hall, after you go through passport control. He will be holding a sign “ECFG”.
Arrival transfers should be reserved on the Conference Registration & Accommodation Form. Full arrival details must be provided in advance.
Price: US$77 per person.

2. AMAL Shared Taxi Service to/from Haifa
AMALTaxi operates a special shared taxi service from the airport, drop off at your hotel in Haifa, and pick-up from hotels to the airport. They are located outside the airport terminal. Possible wait: 1 hour. This service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
No reservation is needed for transfers from the airport to Haifa. For return transportation, upon arrival at your hotel, please ask the reception to reserve this service.
Price: NIS119- = ~$31
AMAL Taxi may also be used as a private taxi at approx. NIS580=~$153.

3. Train from the airport – to Haifa (NIS 35.5 = ~$9).
The train station is located on Level S (the lowest floor) and can be accessed from Greeters Hall via elevators, escalators or stairs. Tickets may be purchased from automatic machines located on Level G.
Get-off at Haifa Hof HaCarmel Station and from there take a taxi to your hotel.
The taxi fare would be approx. NIS 50 = ~$14. See item 3 for a 25% surcharge for night fare.
General train hours to/from Ben-Gurion Airport:
Sunday – Thursday: 00:53-23:20
Friday : 00:53-14:00
Saturday: 19:30-23:45
Train schedule:

4. Taxis
Taxis are freely available outside the airport terminal. Fares to Haifa are approx. NIS580=~$153.
A 25% surcharge for night trips is in effect from 21:01 until 05:29 and from 14:00 on Fridays.

Public Transportation
Public transportation (trains & busses) in Israel does not operate from Friday afternoon (one hour before sundown) until Saturday evening (one hour after sunset).  In Haifa and the north, there are a fair number of bus lines that do operate on Saturday; check your itinerary in advance.